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February  2019

Tandara is a Shona word meaning relaxation. It is my hope that the format of the newsletter is unique and simple. Readable in 5 mins or less. I will feature two stories a month. A business topic - short and succinct, and a general interest topic. From explorations of global cuisine to fashion trends and even poetry. Download the PDF

March 2019

In the March issue, we tackle Cloud Computing. What it is and what it isn't. Should you consider it for your business? What are the benefits? and is it a reasonable solution for small businesses? Download the PDF

April 2019

With so much to do to start a business, how do you know what to do when? Few of us will be the Bezo's and Job's of the world. Most of us will rest in that place that requires training, conditioning and one good arm swing! That is ARMSWEN, for business success. Read more about the concept. Download PDF

May 2019

In this issue, I try to make sense of what is driving the current political climate (xenophobia) and how local governments can get past these sentiments and support immigrant entrepreneurs. Not only do immigrant entrepreneurs bring new solutions to common problems (think Airbnb and the sharing economy), but studies have shown that supporting immigrant populations fosters economic growth.

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