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Simple, bite-size ideas for your business

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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Tandara, Multicultural Solutions monthly bulletin. I am excited to share this with you and can't wait to cover stories that celebrate our multiculturalism. I believe we are all multicultural on some level. It is those multicultural parts of us that we need to get in touch with to create a more understanding society.

Tandara is a Shona word meaning relaxation. It is my hope that the format of the newsletter is unique and simple. Readable in 5 mins or less. I will feature two stories a month. A business topic - short and succinct, and a general interest topic. From explorations of global cuisine to fashion trends and even poetry. It will be a tapestry of multiculturalism because it's our humanity - no matter where you were born.

I recently added Facebook advertising to my business services and learned a lot during the training, so I decided to make the changes at Facebook the first business feature. I welcome your feedback at [email protected]

Why You Cannot Ignore Facebook

We Say We Hate it, but Let's Get Real...

How many times a day do you think you refresh your Facebook feed?

If you guessed less than 10 you're off. Researchers say people refresh their Facebook feeds about 11-15 times a day. At any given second, there are 20 000 people on Facebook and of the world's 7.7 billion people, 1.6 billion are on Facebook! Even if the whole USA population decided to get off Facebook, the company would still survive.

Small Business Frontier

How can a small business capitalize on that market share in this tethered world? Facebook saw an increase of 11% in new users last year and the number is growing. They have got better at fine-tuning their algorithms and policies to regain trust.

For savvy small businesses, Facebook is a wide-open frontier. Like all frontiers, it demands capital (not a lot), labor and technical know-how to tame it.

The landscape is constantly changing as Facebook tries to live up to users expectations in real time. It's a frustrating endeavor for most business owners. They do not have time to spend to figure out Facebook so many just put it on the back burner. They might as well put their customers on the back burner as there is a lot of business to be gained from properly advertising with Facebook ads. In 2018, 62% of small businesses said Facebook generated the most business for them. That's a significant number.

Facebook Ads Changes for Your Business

Facebook Business Pages

You might have got away with advertising products on your personal Facebook page but if you are serious about building a business and connecting with customers, Facebook business pages are a great bet. They provide great information for business owners and help identify new clients outside personal networks.

Facebook's Organic Reach

In its effort to regain trust, Facebook has limited what people see on their timelines to concentrate on only the people they interact with most. Businesses are better off focusing on what is working for other businesses - Facebook Ads and laser targeting.

Content Promotion

Another Facebook reaction to the current political climate of fake news. The more a business heavily promotes content, the less Facebook will feature it. There are guidelines that help with optimizing views and engagement that work better than continually posting the same content.

Video and Image Size

Facebook has developed the video platform really well - making available different video styles that will enhance awareness of your business. New image sizes are geared towards better views for mobile users.

Chatbots and Pixels

Facebook reports that ads that run with a chatbot perform better than those without. It's home to over 300,000 customer service, marketing, and sales chatbots and the number is growing. The Facebook pixel has new codes (on the back-end. Users will not see any noticeable difference). This advanced feature lets developers integrate Facebook with other hosting companies for analytics.

Boosting Posts

There's a lot of debate on whether this works or not. The simple truth is most people do not know how to boost effectively. After all, is said and done, there's no other marketing that is as effective as Facebook so make sure to understand what you are doing before you hit that boost button!

Emojis and Subtitles are Better

In its effort to better connect with consumers, Facebook has improved how Emojis work in titles and subtitles. Most people seem to love them so give them a run!

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