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"A world committed to peace, a world in which we are all a family, a world in which we are all heard, cared for and loved," – 

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Just Like Us

On Cultural Integration

July 2018

7 Things I Would Tell My Younger Immigrant Self

My Sister recently got an Internship at an organization with lots of ties to local and global communities. I'm so excited for her.

I'm also very nervous for her. Nervous because she faces unique challenges as an African Immigrant.

We are from Zimbabwe. A beautiful Southern African Nation rich in culture, minerals, human and natural resources if not for the "shithole" dictator that ruled the country until about 6 months ago. I would like to sit down with my sister and give her some sound advice, but, like most Immigrant families, we lost our bond. The ties that bind were fractured by years of separation.

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Middle East

August 2018

My Evolution on Peace in the Middle East

Growing up in Zimbabwe, the mandatory Monday morning school-wide assembly in Primary School was always flanked by huge portraits of Yasser Arafat. The themes were always about “Perseverance”, “Identity”, “Liberation” and such words that embodied the condition of the Palestinian people.

In 7th Grade, we spent Friday afternoon molding bricks to sell to construction companies. The money went to assist Palestinians in refugee camps.

I learned about suicide bombers back then, at 12 years old. I was puzzled about why teenagers would be so brazen to fight an army tank with rocks. The stupidity of that.

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America: It’s Just Like Us

September  2018

American Exceptionalism

The idea that America is by all intents, constructions and purposes different from the rest of the world. America, simply by existing, having been forged into democracy by great homesteaders, stood beaming in front of the world as the newest country that could. If these European serfs could cross the Atlantic, defeat the great Navajo warriors, the Mexicans, the Spanish and the British; build a new country where everyone was welcome, and a culture based on liberty, equality and the pursuit of happiness, what could stop them? They were an exceptional nation in the New World.

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Holidays and Food

October 2018

What to Bring
It's human nature to want to share your favorite things with others. There's even a song about it, and Oprah made millions for a lot of businesses whose products ended up on her "Favorite Things" list! However, unless you are Oprah, or you have been expressly asked to bring "that" dish. please don't! Here's why: Most hosts have an idea of how they want their perfect Holiday dinner to go. They have spent endless hours poring over the details of the menu, deciding what goes with what and how it will be cooked. When you bring your own creation to this mix, you effectively throw off the host. If you really want to share something with the host, get a good wine, great butter or an awesome bottle of olive oil. Things that most people don't splurge on daily but would appreciate and enjoy if given by others.

Holidays and Generosity

November 2018

#Giving Tuesday
When I first came to America, I was flabbergasted by the generosity of most Americans. I was even more shocked by the knowledge that NPR was mostly funded by the public, and that it was a sustainable model for most NPR stations year after year. Not that where I come from people are not generous. They are generous in a different way. The child whose parents die or are incapable of taking care of the child finds a home among the many relatives it has. The social system is administered at a family level - families generally take care of their own. I found myself thinking about this during #GivingTuesday and wondering how the campaign will fare on a global scale. I also thought of some ways the campaign can be run better by local organizations:

Social Media and Your Business

December 2018


Yes – you absolutely need a social media strategy if you don’t have one yet. In fact, the question is no longer do you need one? But why in the world would you not need one? Your customers and clients live there, so, follow along.

If you already have one – Bravo! How is that working for you? If it’s working great – awesome, you have hired the right people and they are on top of the game.

For some small businesses, especially those that choose to go it alone, social media can be frustrating. In probably your first week of postings, you realize they have not driven as much traffic as you wanted, the medium is not as easy to use as it seems and you are spending hours trying to figure out just one post. In short, you don’t see much of a return on the investment you are making with time, research and man hours.

Here are some thoughts to consider:

Facebook Ads and Your Business

January 2019


How many times a day do you think you refresh your Facebook feed?

If you guessed less than 10 you're off. Researchers say people refresh their Facebook feeds about 11-15 times a day. At any given second, there are 20 000 people on Facebook and of the world's 7.7 billion people, 1.6 billion are on Facebook! Even if the whole USA population decided to get off Facebook, the company would still survive.

How can a small business capitalize on that market share in this tethered world? Facebook saw an increase of 11% in new users last year and the number is growing. They have got better at fine-tuning their algorithms and policies to regain trust.

For savvy small businesses, Facebook is a wide-open frontier. Like all frontiers, it demands capital (not a lot), labor and technical know-how to tame it. The landscape is constantly changing as Facebook tries to live up to users expectations in real time.

Hitch Your Wagon to a Star: 8 Trends Small Businesses Can Aspire to in 2019

February 2019


How did your business leverage the fidget spinner craze circa 2016? Did you sell them? offered them as a promotional item? made references to them? watched in awe and wondered what that was all about? I remember being on a crazy hunt for them I would have bought a new car just to get one as a complimentary gift. That was a trend off the rails!

2019 is a lot different according to LPK, a leading Cincinnati brand company. From time to time, LPK invites the public to participate in its events. I had the pleasure of going to one such event late last year when they revealed Trends for 2019. I wrote down notes to share with the home and small business community. How can your business use these trends to find new customers, increase revenue and maintain relevance?

Cloud Computing: Which Model is a Good Fit for Your Business?

March 2019


In her guest blog article for Tandara, Oracle Expert, Waithera Murache writes that by 2020 cloud computing will be the most preferred choice for software development to expert's prediction. Cloud Computing is rapidly gaining popularity. In place of local servers, organizations are shifting to using pools of managed computer systems available over the internet. Cloud computing has different deployment models such as private cloud, community cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. This article briefly reviews the four most common deployment models.

The Case for Starting Your Own Business.

April 2019


I don't play golf, but I learned one thing in the one golf class that I did take - when you are set to make the swing, make sure you have good form, then take that aim and follow through squarely. As I write this, Tiger Woods is on a streak to win the Masters again. There have been so many analysis on what makes him so good. What separates him from the rest and how he does it. For Tiger, I think it's just plain and simple - talent. He was born with it. For the rest of us, and the rest of those chasing the Masters, it will take training and conditioning, and one good arm swing. The same as in business. Few of us will be the Bezo's and Job's of the world. Most of us, will rest in that place that requires training, conditioning and one good arm swing! That is ARMSWEN, for business success! 

Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Local Governments.

May 2019

#immigrants #smallbusiness

In this issue, I try to make sense of what is driving the current political climate (xenophobia) and how local governments can get past these sentiments and support immigrant entrepreneurs. Not only do immigrant entrepreneurs bring new solutions to common problems (think Airbnb and the sharing economy), but studies have shown that supporting immigrant populations fosters economic growth.

According to Cincinnati Compass, "In 2014, Ohio's immigrant entrepreneurs generated nearly $532 million in business income. Our state's immigrants make up a marginal 4.2 percent of our total population. And yet they account for 7 percent of our state's entrepreneurs". That's a number that can grow significantly. There is something inherently resilient with most immigrants, something we can harness for collective good. 

New Feature (How I'm Building This) and Digital Marketing Tips.

JUNE 2019

#immigrants #smallbusiness

You're fresh out of college and invited to a job interview, your dream job. You have nothing to wear but an over-worn half washed $50 suit. Do you miss the interview because of this?

Yet, most people do. They miss out on showing up for their dream business ideas because they don't have the capital to "properly" fund the business. You wouldn't wait to go to an interview because you can't afford a suit from Saks, so why would you wait to follow opportunities in business because you don't have the right capital? If your business is building SpaceX 2 then maybe, but still, you have to start.

We are starting a series called "How I'm Building This," businesses being built from the ground up with no capital because the business owners are #unapologeticallyRadical about their dreams. Let's follow them in their journey...

TIE Events (How I'm Building This) & Incorporating Data into Your Business.

JULY 2019

#immigrants #smallbusiness

Is the Cincinnati event industry tapped out? Not if you talk with the founders of TIE Events who have dared blast into this crowded space with the elegance of a gazelle and the tenacity of an immigrant in hot pursuit of her God given right to living a life with meaning. In this month's article, we talk with Thenji Bere, TIE Events Co-founder on what drives her. With a successful husband in tow and multiple properties across the world, one can be forgiven for thinking she can make the cast of The Real Housewives, so what drives this accomplished Registered Nurse to do more?

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